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26 June 2020 @ 08:01 pm

This Fic List is For RyoDa Fanfictions linked from LiveJournal Only.

There are no Friend's Locked Fictions in list and all Smut/NC-17 Entries are marked with a triple asterisk (***).

If your Work is not listed it might be because of
A: The entry was friend's locked
B: I didn't know about the entry, which happens a lot.
C: I couldn't find the link to it, which also happens a lot.

If you'd like the entry recorded then send a note via my LJ

The only rule is for Friend's Locked Entries. They are not allowed on the list. For everything that has been posted here, I'm sure that gaillen has as your permission for it to be placed here, If not kindly message me at resha_ueda or you can email me at reshasugui@gmail.com In any case you do not want your fanfictions listed, then by all means send me a message at the above places and I'll happily remove them for you.

If in the case that I haven't caught the F-locked entry on the list, let me know and I will remove it promptly. And if you want to change the author name that the work is listed under, inform me and I will change it. This goes for the links, as well.

Thank you very much to all those that gave me permission to list the links to their works and I hope this fanfiction website will help many old (and new) fans of this Unusual Pairing to find the works that they love.


On to the List~ ♥